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[12 Oct 2009|02:05pm]

I need you all to pretty please help me out here. I am stuck between 2 cars. I am going to post the links and I'd like you all to vote on them. Thanks for your help!

1st we have a 98 Mitsu Eclipse Rs
The white one- http://harrisburg.craigslist.org/cto/1372207715.html

2nd we have a 97 Mitsu Eclipse Gs
The purple one- http://allentown.craigslist.org/cto/1367791646.html

Please take the time to view and vote in the poll. Comments are welcome also. OH! And before I forget ignore the prices because we have talked them down VERY VERY much on both cars. So you're voting strickly on the one you like the best. Thanks again!

Poll #1469967 Cars Cars Cars

Which car do you like better?

The white one
The purple one

Madison, WI Honda-Tech Meet [22 Apr 2008|11:45am]

Here are some of the pictures that were taken at the Honda-tech meet in Madison, WI this past weekend: 4/19/2008. There were many many more cars that showed up than this, but this is all I've got right now, so enjoy!


Anyone in the Midwest... [04 Apr 2008|02:19pm]

So there will be a Honda-tech meet on Saturday, April 19th in Madison, WI at Elver park weather permitting.  If any of you are interested, you are more than welcomed to come.  You do not have to own a Honda or Acura to come.  Last year there was a huge turnout and everyone there had a lot of fun.    Here is the link to the thread on Honda-tech.com:


I think there are directions in this thread and a lot of people whom have confirmed that they will be making the trip to Madison for this meet.  So come one, come all...it'll be fun!!!

[07 Aug 2007|10:41pm]

Here's for my 240 lovers... :) Boyfriend and I decided to take some pics. :)
He's got an 89 S13 and I've got a 180sx.

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Changes afoot for me... [01 Jul 2007|04:38am]

Big news in my life, is that I've sold my beloved Lotus :( Well, it's not actually sold, but a sale has been agreed on and it'll be leaving in the next month or two. The reason for this is because my hand has been forced.

Ever since I've been into Lotus Elises, I've LUSTED after an Exige S1. I'd planned on having one as well as an Elise and was hoping to be in a position to buy one in 2 years or so. BUT, the NZ Government is introducing new importing emissions laws on Jan 1 2008 that will prevent me from importing one (there's no Exiges here at present, so I can't buy one locally) so I either have to make the move now, or give up on the dream altogether.... so I'm making my move.

While I COULD keep both, realistically, it doesn't make that much sense to have over $150,000 invested in the contents of my garage at the moment, especially since I can't use them both at once and don't really have the space to garage more than one car. Good news is that the Elise is going home to her original owner, so she'll be in the best hands possible and I look upon my time with her as a caregiver and a custodian. I'll still have visitation rights, of course and I'll still see her often, so that eases the pain... as does the excitement and anticipation of having a very exciting and new toy arriving!

As for buying the new car, I almost had the deal sealed on one, but the seller decided not to sell... AT THE LAST MINUTE! which was a pain because I was all geared up to buy. No big loss though, because I'm now chasing another. I'm having it inspected on Wednesday, and if it gets a clean bill of health, then I'll be negotiating a deal. All going well, I'll have her on the boat by mid-July, and scheduled for Arrival sometime early in the Spring :) It's basically an ideal spec for me (I won't go into that here) but she's in my favourite colour; "Titanium" Silver. It's a silver, but it's got a slightly darker pearl than my current "New Aluminium" Silver, with a slight bronzey tinge in some lights. Depending on which light it's in, it can be a Silver or it can be a Gunmetal Grey.

But anyway, here's the car I hope to buy... in all her glory... and please, please, PLEASE don't ask me how much it's going to cost me because adding it all up would make me cry myself to sleep! :(

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Sorry Honda Lovers [27 Apr 2007|09:49pm]

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[12 Feb 2007|09:44pm]

Photobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image HostingPhotobucket - Video and Image Hosting
i also have sparco racing seats going in the care
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[19 Jan 2007|02:54pm]

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FOR SALE! [08 Jan 2007|01:58pm]

1997 Mitsubishi Eclipse
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newbie question! [20 Nov 2006|02:53pm]

hey, im new here.

i'm looking to buy cross drilled AND slotted rotors for my 04 hyundai tiburon. i've found cross drilled ones on ebay but i wanted to know if anyone knows

is there a difference between cross drilled and cross drilled AND slotted rotors?

thanks for any/all help with this!

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NEW CAR =) [01 Nov 2006|08:50pm]

I got my new car. I bought it on Monday and picked her up last night. She's all shiny and I can't stop staring at her. *sigh*

So... Here is a the stats I can think of and a B-E-A-U-TIFUL peekture of her!

2003 Mitsubishi Lancer OZ Rally
Exterior Color: Yellow with decals
Interior Color: Black mostly some gray/silver touches
Odometer Reading: 45,935
All Power options:
-Door Locks

Manual Trans (5spd)
CD player with AM/FM

Ok that's enough here she is...

Outside our apartment! Yes the date is wrong on the picture like always.

Only things I am doing/adding to her are:

Window Tint
Fog Lights
Clear Side Markers (on bumper)
17" Rims & Tires
Lowering Springs
Ractive custom exhaust

*Thought about turning her into an EVO!*

Also may or may not take off the lower decal (hard to see in pic), but it's a red checkered racing flag design and it just doesn't go with the other decals. We'll have to see. Right now I am still in the process of learning 5spd. I still have the Eclipse and I am still trying to sell it. Kerry said I did pretty good for my first time. I just have to remember to hold the clutch in when stopping and not just the brake. I can't wait to be driving her everywhere!

I love my DSM's!!!

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FOR SALE!!! [16 Aug 2006|08:09pm]

[ mood | bouncy ]

I am currently selling my 1997 Eclipse to get a 1999 that I found with only 45,000 miles! Here is the ad I placed online...

VIEW HERE! Pic Included!Collapse )

Burn hole on Driver seat
Car was in a wreck Driver's side fender is now green
Bumper needs repaired/painted
Dents to be pulled out of Driver's side back quarter panel


[03 Aug 2006|12:06am]

anyone looking to buy a garret gt35r turbo (2000 miles) absolutely no shaft play. Im me at " zoomatixyork or email me at " zoomatixyork@netscape.net for pictures and more info


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FS-Brand New! 240sx Vader2 Body Kit From Extreme Dimensions [12 Jul 2006|10:31pm]

Sorry to post this here, but I need to try and sell this asap!

I have a brand new Vader-2 5-piece body kit to fit an 89-94 Nissan 240sx for sale. (see pic below) This kit is brand new. Never been used or mounted. This is a full kit from Extreme Dimensions, not some cheap e-bay knock-off kit, so fitment is pretty good. I do not plan on using the kit and I really need the money to buy new tires for the car! It includes the front bumper cover, sideskirts and rear bumper add-ons as well as a few mounting screws, instructions from Extreme Dimensions and a few stickers that came with the kit.

Extreme Dimensions sells this kit for $699 plus shipping. I'm only asking $550 OR BEST OFFER!!

Kit is located in Nashville, TN. I would prefer to sell the kit to someone close enough to pick it up, but if someone wants it bad enough, I'm sure we could work out something for shipping.

Please feel free to ask if you have any questions. E-mail: Zerogenius at hotmail dot com


Sorry, X-posted several places.

[04 Jun 2006|10:50am]

Ok... I recently purchased a set of rims/tires for my 1998 Accord.... they came without center caps, and there isn't any brand on either the front or backside of them.

Riminy Rim Rim Rim...Collapse )
Just wondering if anyone can give me a positive ID so I can get new center caps...


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2002 Subaru Impreza WRX -- $15,500 OBO -- Denver, CO [25 May 2006|01:04pm]

Selling my 2002 Subaru WRX

More info here

Please fwd to anyone that might be interested.

(sorry for the x-post)

[22 May 2006|09:45am]

I'm selling my 600Watt Lanzar Vibe speaker amp and my JL-Audio subwoofer amp along with my 2 12" subwoofers sealed in box. The separate eBay auctions are below. If you are interested and want to do this outside of eBay then PM me. If you know anyone who is interested in any of these send them my way, this is a great deal!

title or description
title or description
title or description

And no... i'm not getting a SUV, that was just a reason for me to sell it. I just happen to be happy with the 10 speaker Bose sound system that came with this car with the factory subwoofer and amp it's good enough for me and I could use the extra income from this sound system.
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[07 May 2006|10:02pm]


Shot a few of my buddies Evo yesterday. 03 EvoVII painted Subaru Steel Blue Mica. A mutt indeed, but making 327hp to all four wheels it's no slouch.

Within the next month we'll be fitting it with a larger turbo. We're expecting 400+whp. Stay tuned!

-Timmy Burns!
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The little things [01 May 2006|06:59pm]

So i was at a Integra meet on saturday (which by the way is a good feeling now that i have the ITR motor/tranny swap). Everyone thought it would be good to meet at a resturant since the parking lot is huge. All in all about 11 Integras showed up 2 of the new '06 SI's a RSX-S. Then everyone drove to go to Hooters.....on the way over there i was going on the interstate going about 60 in 4th all the way up in 5500rpm then shifted into 5th then heard a crack, after that my car got super-annoying loud like it was running open header. Went to the shop today for them to check it out, turns out the collector from the header to the resonator seperated. The only problem is that the donaunt that fits between the resonator and the header is different because it's from a ITR and it cost $25!!! just for some lousy little rubber piece.....errrrrrr. In other news im about to order the Skunk2 Stage2 camshafts and gears.....should make my idle bounce sick....and with the headgasket and some fine tuning...i should be looking at 190whp....which is good especially being n/a
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[30 Apr 2006|01:06am]


I just wanted to share the fruits of todays labor. A dark, underexposed photograph of my filthy ass car.

I just got tuned at KTR (www.ktrperformance.com) by Franz, who I highly recommend. /shameless plug.

Now, with methanol injection, I'm making 320lbs/ft torque and 280 horsepower to the wheels. This being on the lowest reading dynomometer in New England, I can assure you this car pulls like it's going to suck your eyeballs into the back of your head.

-Timmy Burns!
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