killerkangaroos (killerkangaroos) wrote in import_scene,

The little things

So i was at a Integra meet on saturday (which by the way is a good feeling now that i have the ITR motor/tranny swap). Everyone thought it would be good to meet at a resturant since the parking lot is huge. All in all about 11 Integras showed up 2 of the new '06 SI's a RSX-S. Then everyone drove to go to Hooters.....on the way over there i was going on the interstate going about 60 in 4th all the way up in 5500rpm then shifted into 5th then heard a crack, after that my car got super-annoying loud like it was running open header. Went to the shop today for them to check it out, turns out the collector from the header to the resonator seperated. The only problem is that the donaunt that fits between the resonator and the header is different because it's from a ITR and it cost $25!!! just for some lousy little rubber piece.....errrrrrr. In other news im about to order the Skunk2 Stage2 camshafts and gears.....should make my idle bounce sick....and with the headgasket and some fine tuning...i should be looking at 190whp....which is good especially being n/a
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