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Changes afoot for me...

Big news in my life, is that I've sold my beloved Lotus :( Well, it's not actually sold, but a sale has been agreed on and it'll be leaving in the next month or two. The reason for this is because my hand has been forced.

Ever since I've been into Lotus Elises, I've LUSTED after an Exige S1. I'd planned on having one as well as an Elise and was hoping to be in a position to buy one in 2 years or so. BUT, the NZ Government is introducing new importing emissions laws on Jan 1 2008 that will prevent me from importing one (there's no Exiges here at present, so I can't buy one locally) so I either have to make the move now, or give up on the dream altogether.... so I'm making my move.

While I COULD keep both, realistically, it doesn't make that much sense to have over $150,000 invested in the contents of my garage at the moment, especially since I can't use them both at once and don't really have the space to garage more than one car. Good news is that the Elise is going home to her original owner, so she'll be in the best hands possible and I look upon my time with her as a caregiver and a custodian. I'll still have visitation rights, of course and I'll still see her often, so that eases the pain... as does the excitement and anticipation of having a very exciting and new toy arriving!

As for buying the new car, I almost had the deal sealed on one, but the seller decided not to sell... AT THE LAST MINUTE! which was a pain because I was all geared up to buy. No big loss though, because I'm now chasing another. I'm having it inspected on Wednesday, and if it gets a clean bill of health, then I'll be negotiating a deal. All going well, I'll have her on the boat by mid-July, and scheduled for Arrival sometime early in the Spring :) It's basically an ideal spec for me (I won't go into that here) but she's in my favourite colour; "Titanium" Silver. It's a silver, but it's got a slightly darker pearl than my current "New Aluminium" Silver, with a slight bronzey tinge in some lights. Depending on which light it's in, it can be a Silver or it can be a Gunmetal Grey.

But anyway, here's the car I hope to buy... in all her glory... and please, please, PLEASE don't ask me how much it's going to cost me because adding it all up would make me cry myself to sleep! :(

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